London Photographer - Christina Quek

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Christina Quek, Top UK Photographer, London.
One of the finest London photographers or UK photographers. People photographer, Art Photographer, Child Photographer, Family Photographer, Children Photographer, Wedding Photographer... but above all a London photographer. Film or digital. Christina Quek is a professional freelance photographer based in London, England and is available for studio and location work around Great Britain, GB, the United Kingdom, UK, Europe, South East Asia and worldwide. Christina Quek has a reputation for the diverse nature of her work. Christina Quek defies category and encompasses digital imaging, advertising photogrphy, editorial photography, portrait photography, PR photography, abstract photography, publicity photography, commercial photography, executive portraits, brochure photography, colour transparencies, prints, lith prints, digital manipulation, retouching, Black & White (B&W). All images appearing on this website are ©2004 Christina Quek and permission must be sought prior to other usage.