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I took photography by chance.

Having recently married and moved to a new country, I picked a hobby that my husband loves. With much surprise, I fell in love with photography and set forth to make it my career.

It is not a question whether I could take beautiful photos. What is more important is whether my photographs speak words, touch hearts and capture the decisive moments.

Photography is not an intellectual medium. It is an art that speaks a thousand words, an art that touches the hearts and minds of many, an art that captures the most decisive moment to last for a long long time. Some of the prints can stand on their own unexplained, while others have to be pieced together.

The photographs in my website are a reflection of my own perception, my own way of seeing things and this of course does not necessarily mirror he way others see it. It takes a mind that is prepared to see the essence of the photos.

Photographs can be seen in many different and illuminating ways. My desire is to allow a person's personality to shine through by using creative ways of shooting and printing.

In all of my shoots with clients, I work through the concepts with them. In every shoot, I seek to achieve creative vision to meet the needs of the clients.

Thank you for visiting my website, if you would like to find out more please contact me.

Christina Quek

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