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Wherever I walked on the streets of Paris, there were many couples eager to kiss, perhaps having a cold war, holding hands, crossing the roads and on and on.

What would be a better day to photograph lovers in Paris? 14 February 2004! Many people were queueing to purchase tickets for the Eiffel Tower. Children bored because of the long wait, parents pacifying their children and keeping them entertained, street hawkers eager to sell goods, lovers hugging one another - all sorts of personalities could be seen.

It is interesting to see how different couples portrayed their love while waiting. Some had been together for such a long time that queueing seemed a waste of time, others eagerly expressed their love by cuddling, or by offering refreshment, others rested on their lover's laps, and others shared their experience of being at the top of Eiffel Tower or even kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Irregardless of whatever expressions these couples portrayed, one thing we can be sure is that they were in love in this magical city... Paris... Eiffel Lovers.

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