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Many of us have felt we are "Tainted". Events that can lead to depression, and that make us the way we are eventually can create an emotional void within us. As a result, we can become angry with the world or form negative perceptions of the world.

I was angry and upset when I could not get into university when much younger, jealous of friends who went abroad to pursue a better education than I had available to me. Such feelings never went away. It made me work harder to achieve my goals but as a result I was not happy. When I did not achieve my goals, I felt that I was "Tainted", not very useful to society.

Fortunately, a ray of hope came to me when I was 27 years old. I was presented the best ever present I could ask for. I discovered Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my personal Saviour. Since then, I have never looked back.

What once was tainted is now cleansed and as white as snow.

I hope those who feel they have been "Tainted" don't give up hope because they too can be washed clean by God. These pictures are specially dedicated to Jesus, my personal saviour.

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